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S E L L I N G  T O  V I V A R I U M


Vivarium has developed a reputation for putting the needs of our sellers first, whether you are an institution with thousands of books to sell or an individual with a single book who might have a question about its value. Our specialty is in thought from the ancient to medieval period, however Vivarium is seeking to expand into any and all areas of knowledge to eventually create a sanctuary of books - open by appointment in a tranquil location - for those who seek to learn from and are inspired by the written word.

TOM KISER, B.A. History, MLIS Archives, IOBA has more than a decade of full-time experience of dealing with books in the fields of history, religion, and philosophy. For books of interest, quotes are professional, often highly competitive, and always fair. Additionally, sellers receive access to a full array of logistical services that are customized to fit your needs, such as packing, removal, transportation, customs paperwork, freight contracting and more. Please contact Tom for more information regarding rates which depend on circumstances such as your deadlines, our level of interest, and collection size. Quite often we are able to extend these services at no cost.

Common reasons for no longer wanting your books include:

     1. Retirement                                                   4. Finished reading                                              

     2. Estate/institutional planning                        5. Moving, or space needed               

     3. Evolving interests                                         6. Money used to buy other books

For some, the benefit is simply knowing your books will be relocated into the hands of those that need them. Our clients include university libraries, scholars, students, and collectors around the world. Vivarium has brokered several large collections in the US and Europe. References are available upon request. Testimonials are on the way.

WE INVITE YOU to email or give us a call to determine if your books are of interest, and if so, what to do next.


  1. On what subjects are your books?

  2. What languages are they in?

  3. What was their purpose?

  4. In what era, if known, were they published? (i.e. early 16th century, late 20th century, a range, etc.)

  5. Approximately how many are available? (there are typically 30-40 books to a shelf and 25-30 in a file size storage box)

  6. How were they usually acquired?

  7. Are they underlined or damaged?

  8. Where are they located?



  1. Small collections (1-500 books): You provide a list of titles (Author, Title, Publisher, Date, Hardcover/softcover) or photographs (two to three shelves per photograph so that the spines are visible) by email or post. If we are interested, you ship them to our store. Your books are evaluated in a timely manner and followed by a fair and competitive quote. Additionally you are paid for your time and reimbursed for shipping. Special instructions on packing and mailing are provided in an easy to follow .pdf document sent via email or post.

  2. Large collections (500 and up): Tom Kiser evaluates your collection in person and provides you with a fair and competitive quote. Packing, removal, transportation, customs paperwork, etc. are also provided. Please contact Tom for more information regarding quotes for these services which depend on circumstances such as your deadlines, our level of interest, and collection size. Quite often we are able to extend these services at no cost. Finally, in certain circumstances, we buy offerings of this size “sight-unseen” and manage the removal of your books from our location in St. Paul, MN, USA.

NO MATTER WHAT YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES, our goal is to meet and exceed your needs while providing you with a friendly, personalized experience. 

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