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BROWSE VIVARIUM 24/7 ON THE FOLLOWING WEBSITES:, and New arrivals are listed on Abe Books first and most are classified with up to three subjects. Nota Bene: only a portion of our books are currently available online because new stock is always being acquired and they take time to catalog. Click Buying from Vivarium for more information.

E-CATALOGS are designed and issued semi-annually. Contact to receive these the catalogs, sneak previews, and news.

CATALOGUE IV: Medieval Studies I: Notable Books: 2018


SUPPLEMENT 1: Sacred Rites: Liturgical Books of the Latin Rite: 2017

CATALOGUE III: Medieval Islamic Culture: 2017

CATALOGUE II: Late Medieval & Renaissance Art: 2016

CATALOGUE I: Byzantine Art: Origins to Aftermath: 2015

COLLECTIONS are occasionally for sale. Interested parties should sign up for notice under "Contact" where there is a form to fill out.

1. Historical Relationship of Roman Catholicism and Greek Orthodoxy, 750 volumes (SOLD)

2. Migne, J. P. Patrologiae Cursus Completus (Greek, Latin, and Syriac), 385 volumes (SOLD) 

3. The Science of Apologetics: Anglican-Roman Controversies, 300 volumes (SOLD)

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