Vivarium, llc is a scholarly and collectible bookstore dealing primarily in ancient and medieval studies. With an eye towards all areas of knowledge, whether sacred or secular, we hope to one day provide a tranquil space for visitors who, seeking answers to life’s questions, desire for themselves a more perfect library.


In the period now called Late Antiquity (200-700 AD), the original Vivarium was a monastery in the Calabria region of Italy that collected manuscripts in danger of disappearing. Today, as it was then, our customers value books. 

Subjects: Ancient & Medieval, Biblical, Theology, Philosophy, Art, Orthodoxy, Liturgy, Monasticism, and more.

Tom Kiser has more than a decade of full time experience in the academic and collectible book trade. He earned his BA-History from St. John's University (Collegeville, MN), completing both an internship and summer studies in medieval paleography at the Hill Museum and Manuscript Library and a semester abroad in both Greece and Italy. He then served under Thomas Loome, D.Th. of Loome Theological Booksellers (Stillwater, MN) while earning a degree in Library Science from St. Catherine University. During these studies in 2010 he founded Vivarium, LLC, serving as full-time proprietor with occasional employees since.

Interviewed by Fine Books Magazine.


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